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What do Golden's Candidates say about housing?

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

We asked all the 2023 candidates for Golden Mayor and City Council to answer these questions about housing:

What do you think is the most important housing-related issue in Golden and what steps will you take to address this issue?

Optional Question: The City of Golden used a state grant to conduct a Housing Needs and Strategies Assessment last year (see What do you think are the three most important findings or recommendations of this assessment and how will you address each one?

Optional Question: The City of Golden recently opted-in to funding available through Proposition 123 and committed to a goal to create/preserve 26 affordable housing units per year over three years (see What partnerships will you pursue to reach this goal?

Mayoral Candidate responses:

Waquim Filsaime

Waquim Filsaime Response

Joe MacDonald

Joe MacDonald Response

Heather Schneider—no response

Charles Sturdavant—no response

Laura Weinberg

Laura Weinberg Response

City Council, District 1 responses:

Matt Duncan

Matt Duncan Response

Jacob Luria

Jacob Luria Response

Lisa Vitry

Lisa Vitry Response

Mary Weaver—no response

City Council, District 2 responses:

Patty Evans

Patty Evans Response

Ben Moline

Ben Moline Response

Download Summary PDF of Candidate Responses Here:

Golden United Housing TF 2023 Candidate Responses
Download PDF • 218KB

Download what Golden's candidates have to say about preserving manufactured homes based on questions from the two manufactured home communities within the City of Golden (Golden Terrace and Golden Hills):

Manufactured Homes 2023 Candidate Questions
Download PDF • 172KB

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