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The City of Golden partnered with Golden United's Housing Task Force on October 27 to help citizens learn more about the data, findings, and recommendations from the 2022 Housing Needs and Strategies Assessment.

There were lots of questions and lively discussions as 32 in-person and 18 virtual attendees exchanged ideas and reactions to Golden's Housing Needs and Strategies Assessment.

WATCH the Zoom meeting recording

READ about the Housing Needs and Strategies Assessment

VIEW the meeting slide presentation

VIEW the meeting "Golden's Housing Needs Assessment" illustration

DOWNLOAD the meeting Area Median Income (AMI) chart

DOWNLOAD the Final Report: City of Golden Housing Needs and Strategies Assessment (September 2022, Gruen Gruen + Associates)

Golden Transcript Article: Goldenites brainstorm priorities from housing needs assessment,405850

Meeting Agenda from October 27, 2022

5:00 Introduction and overview of the 2022 Housing Needs and Strategy Assessment

by Janet Maccubbin, Affordable Housing Policy Coordinator

5:20 Questions about the presentation

5:30 Breakout groups for discussion

5:50 Return to the full group and summarize breakout group discussions

6:25 Wrap-up

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