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Position Description for Golden United Engagement Coordinator

Golden United is spearheading various initiatives to foster community cohesion, enhance understanding, and address communal challenges through collective action. Currently, Golden United is actively involved in three key areas:

            1) Housing Task Force: Facilitating community discussions to tackle the pressing need for affordable housing while preserving Golden's distinctive character. We are committed to advancing specific actions aimed at increasing the availability of affordable housing and safeguarding and preserving existing affordable housing, including collaborations with manufactured home communities in Golden.

            2) Partnership with Mines Multi-Cultural Engineering Student Groups: Supporting youth mentoring programs and fostering collaboration between Mines and community organizations.

            3) Mental Health Awareness: Collaborating with other organizations to raise awareness of mental health issues, promote wellness practices, share resources, and enhance access to support services across the community.

Golden United also extends support to various community organizations, including the Golden Antiracism Collective and Hunger Free Golden.


Position Overview:

Golden United is seeking a part-time paid consultant to lead our community engagement activities in these three focus areas. The expected compensation level is approximately $30/hr, commensurate with the experience and qualifications of the selected candidate.

Learn more about Golden United at

Golden United Engagement Coordinator Responsibilities (15-20 hours per month):

  1. Facilitate Community Engagement: Strengthen partnerships with other organizations, expand and guide volunteer engagement, and organize forums and events to broaden community participation. The Engagement Coordinator will serve as an ex-officio member of the Golden United Board of Directors, collaborating closely with the Board President, Vice-President, and other members overseeing housing, Mines, mental health, and community support activities.

  2. Communications Management: Lead all Golden United communications and outreach activities, including email blasts (using Mailchimp), website updates (Wix), blog posts, social media management, and other communication initiatives. Specific knowledge of our platforms is helpful but not required.  Strong familiarity with Google Suite is required.

  3. Support Partnership Relationships: Assist in managing and nurturing relationships with partner organizations, including the City of Golden, Mines organizations, Golden Antiracism Collective, Hunger Free Golden, and similar entities.

  4. Volunteer Recruitment and Management: Recruit volunteers from the community through email blasts, social media outreach, and partnership collaboration. Match volunteers with appropriate activities and provide guidance alongside Board members leading related initiatives.

  5. Organize Community Events: Lead the planning and execution of community-wide events convened by Golden United in response to acts of intolerance and racism. Additionally, participate in events such as the Celebration of Mines, generally involving 3-4 events per year.

Desired Skills:

●       Experience in stakeholder and community engagement activities, as well as volunteer mobilization.

●       Excellent written and oral communication skills.

●       Proficiency in planning and executing collaborative partnerships, events, and meetings.

●       Strong interest in Golden community activities and issues.


Application Process:

Interested candidates should submit their resumes to Ron Benioff, Golden United Board President, at The deadline for applications is April 29th.  For inquiries, please contact Ron directly.

Golden United is committed to diversity and inclusion and we encourage candidates from underrepresented groups and from young professionals to apply.


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