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  • Don Cameron

Yes, we have racist zoning

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

After extensive research, I have created a summary history of Golden's zoning which includes its racist roots. Minimum lot sizes, minimum building sizes and nuisance clauses have racist roots. If you don't read the attached history (only 6 pages or so) then know the key takeaway is that the federal government mandated certain restrictions in lending that Golden adopted from the 1950s and forward. There were racially restrictive covenants beyond Denver to include many parts of Jefferson county and even one in Golden.

The graphic below is from a plat in North Golden Called Sunshine Parkway Add. Read about this particular case here.

If we're to address systemic racism we absolutely need to address the rules that limited lower class (often Blacks) from building housing in Golden. Golden is going through a code rewrite now, and this is an ideal to weigh in on your views of what we need to change going forward.

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