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What are citizens priorities around Affordable Housing in 2021?

Photo Credit: Don Cameron

The Golden United Housing Task Force conducted a survey of housing priorities for Golden residents. See this Narrative summary of what people felt was important around affordable housing issues.

Key Takeaways

With over 120 survey responses, GUHTF distilled feedback into a few key takeaways.

Residents expressed desires to:

  • Focus on preserving existing affordable housing

  • Keep new building in character

  • Advocate strongly for positive change in the zoning code rewrite

A strong majority of respondents also felt that the city government has a role in addressing affordable housing issues in our community.

Both Sides of the Coin

Housing is a divisive issue. While many Golden residents supported changes in zoning and increased access to affordable housing, others did not. Some quotes from anonymous responses from the survey include:

"I have seen this kind of housing before in other communities I’ve lived in. It brings in drugs, crime, and prostitution. I don’t agree with it at all. It ruins nice communities just because they prostitute themselves for federal funds."
"Historic (and persistent) systemic inequities are preventing diverse individuals from feeling welcome and being able to afford housing in Golden"

Find these and other comments in our report from the GUHTF 2021 Housing survey. If you want a Google Slides version, or narrative version, click on the links. All of the comments can be found here

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