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We're Hiring: Part-Time Communications Lead and Housing Coordinator for Golden United

Golden United is recruiting for one or more paid consultants to lead our communications and outreach activities and to serve as coordinator of our growing portfolio of housing activities. These are part-time roles requiring around 8-10 hours per month for communications activities and 5-6 hours per month for housing activities. They could be filled by two different people or one person conducting both roles. The compensation will be up to $25/hr.

Please download the position description or read on for more information. To apply for this position, please send a resume to goldenunitedinfo@gmail.com. Questions can also be directed to this email address.

We are also glad to have you share information on this opportunity with your networks. Thank you!

- The Golden United Board of Directors

Position Description for Communications Lead and Housing Coordinator for Golden United

Golden United is conducting an array of initiatives that are bringing the community together to improve understanding and solve problems through collective action. This includes a Housing Task Force, conducting discussion and action forums on key current issues of concern, convening Flavors of Golden events to celebrate contributions of diverse groups and institutions across the community, and other activities. The Housing Task Force is advancing actions to preserve existing low income housing, to promote appropriate use of Accessory Dwelling Unites, to mobilize funding for emergency rent and utility assistance for residents in needs, to expand the supply of affordable housing and similar activities to address housing needs in Golden while preserving its character.

We are seeking one or more part-time paid consultants to lead Golden United’s communication and outreach activities and to serve as coordinator of our Housing Activities. One person could play both roles or this could be split between two different people. Activities for each role are described further below. The compensation level will be up to $25/hr.

Learn more about Golden United at www.goldenunited.org

Communications and Outreach Lead (8-10 hours per month with some variability)

Enable Golden United to achieve broad awareness and participation across all segments of the community and strong partnerships with other local organizations. This communication and outreach lead will serve as an ex-officio member of the Golden United Board of Directors and work closely with the Golden United Board President and Vice-President and Housing Task Force co-leads. Specific duties are described below:

  1. Implement Communications Activities. Issue communications to the Golden United mailing list and maintain this list. Manage and update the website and Facebook page and other social media activities. Also publish event announcements through the Transcript and Informer, Golden Today, and other similar channels, and conduct other related communications activities.

  2. Update and Develop New Information and Publicity Materials. Develop and publish event announcements, Golden United and Housing Task Force fact sheets, and related products.

  3. Team with Local Organizations to Promote Collaboration Participation in Golden United Activities. Develop and maintain relationships with communication leads for other local organizations and partner with them to raise awareness of and participation in Golden United activities and also to publicize their activities via Golden United.

  4. Provide Logistical Support for Golden United Meetings. Help with arrangements and delivery of virtual and in-person community meetings when required. This includes support for 2-3 community wide meetings during the year and monthly meetings of the Housing Task Force.

  5. Assist with Organizing and Delivery of Flavors of Golden Annual Events. Work with the Golden United Board to support planning, broad participation in, and delivery of this annual community celebration.

We prefer to find a candidate with that is knowledgeable, or experienced with key communication platforms such as Zoom, Wix, YouTube, MailChimp, Gmail, Canva/Adobe, and Google Suite Tools.

Required Skills:

  1. Messaging: Copywriting and editing for various platforms including blog, website, email, and social media. Applicants should understand and implement techniques for effective communication on various platforms.

  2. Graphic Design: Creating promotional fliers and digital materials.

  3. Web Design: In WIX, creating and maintaining the GU website.

  4. Project Management: Managing various projects simultaneously while adhering to deadlines and ensuring quality end products.

  5. Meeting Coordination & Events Management: Provide Zoom meeting coordination services including managing break out rooms, white board, polls, etc. Manage registration and promotion for events.

  6. Channel Management: Manage the Golden United Facebook and YouTube channels.

  7. Admin/Tech Support: As needed with Google Drive, website, presentations, email, etc.

Housing Coordinator (5-6 hours per month with some variability)

The housing coordinator will provide support for activities of the Golden United Housing Task Force and work closely with the chairs of this task force and any affiliated groups along with the Board President and Vice-President. The coordinator will conduct the following activities.

  1. Conduct research and compile and present information on key housing topics and alternative actions under consideration by the Housing Task Force

  2. Build and maintain partnerships and coordinated communications with other local organizations working on housing issues

  3. Lead outreach and communications to expand and mobilize participation in Golden United housing activities and to educate community members of housing issues and solutions

Interested candidates should submit resumes to Ron Benioff, Golden United Board President, at benioffron@gmail.com. Questions can also be sent to Ron.

We encourage applications from all individuals, including minorities and young professionals.

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