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Preserving endangered affordable housing

Watch this 3 minutes long compelling video about 43 years of living in the Golden Terrace Mobile Home park. This property could easily be changed in use and we would lose hundreds and hundreds of homes at the low end of our housing stock, completely destroying our ability to meet our Comprehensive Plan Goals. The two related to Manufactured homes are shown below.

Community Housing Goals

Goal 1: Affordable Housing for the Community

Golden recognizes the importance of having and preserving a continuum

of housing choices in order to meet the diverse needs of its residents while

retaining our small town spirit. Affordable housing for its residents is a

Heart and Soul Value for Golden. Affordable housing means housing that

is reasonably attainable for lower and middle income households to rent

or purchase while still being able to sustainably meet other basic needs.

In order to preserve housing opportunities for an inclusive range of

Golden residents, the city will endeavor to ensure that at least 15% of

the total housing stock is affordable to low income households, 15%

affordable to moderate income households, and 15% is affordable to

middle income households.

“Low income” is defined as

households earning between

0% and 50% of the Area Median

Income (AMI,) “moderate income”

is defined as households earning

between 51% and 80% of the

AMI, and “middle income” as

households earning between 81%

and 120% of the AMI.

Goal 4: Manufactured Housing

Manufactured housing is a key source of market rate affordable housing

in Golden. The city values the preservation of existing manufactured

housing communities as an affordable housing choice and will support

neighborhood efforts to strengthen their communities and promote

resident stability. The city will encourage opportunities to create

resident-controlled communities that remain affordable to low and

moderate income households and enhance the diversity of Golden’s


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