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  • Kathy Smith

New Tenant Laws Became Effective October 1

New Colorado laws became effective on October 1, 2021, that impact late fees and eviction practices for landlords and tenants, including mobile home owners.

Some of the changes under the new law (SB21-173) include:

  • Landlords, including mobile home parks, cannot charge late fees until the rent payment is late by at least seven calendar days

  • Late fees cannot exceed $50 or 5% of the amount of past-due rent, whichever is greater

  • Tenants cannot be evicted solely for failure to pay late fees

  • There is at least one week between the date of the eviction filing and the hearing

  • Renters can pay all the rent that they owe and stop the eviction up to the time that the judge issues a judgment

  • Renters can recover financial damages if they are illegally locked out

In addition, under a new law (HB21-1121) that went into effect in June:

  • Landlords, including mobile home parks, cannot raise rent more than once in a 12-month period

  • Tenants have 10 days to vacate their home after an eviction is ordered by a judge (previously 48 hours). Note—Existing laws allow mobile home owners 30 days (extendable to 60 days) to vacate after an eviction order.

For more information about these laws see:

Download PDF • 103KB
New Tenant Protections 2021 Summary.docx
Download PDF • 58KB

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