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Introducing a New Partnership: Home in Golden: Engage. Empathize. Empower.

Are you looking for ways to connect and engage with your neighbors in Golden? Do you want to help your neighbors but are not sure where to begin?

Golden United has recently partnered with Home in Golden, a grassroots initiative founded with the underlying intentions to connect more deeply with each other and with the needs of our Golden community.

Home in Golden has coordinated efforts with the city, the Golden Police Department, and local school administration focusing on two initial projects that will address the current critical needs within our community. With the rising eviction rates, sheltering limitations during the pandemic, and remote learning challenges, Home in Golden is supporting a Safe Parking program for residents sheltering in their vehicle as well as a Tutoring program for High School students.

Safe Parking Program

The Safe Parking program is designed after other successful models and will provide safe places to park overnight for homeless individuals who are currently sheltering in their vehicles lending to their well-being and productivity.

Tutoring Program

As remote learning proves to have many challenges for students causing increased rates of failing grades, Golden High School’s administration is very interested in partnering with Home in Golden to provide a free tutoring program.

Get Involved and Volunteer

Connect with your neighbors and/or volunteer and make a difference in Golden. Check out and complete the Interest Form to learn about volunteering opportunities and provide us with your skills and interests


If you cannot find time for deeper connection or volunteering please consider making a donation to help us support families and students in our community who are struggling at this time. All donations are tax-deductible, flowing through First United Methodist Church Golden, and will be used only for Safe Parking and Tutoring.

Securely Donate Here

Thank you so much for your interest in our new initiative. If you have any questions about Home in Golden, please do not hesitate to email or connect on Facebook at or the Home in Golden web page

A big thank you to the Home in Golden Core Team for their endless hard work, empathy, and energy: Kirsten Ferguson, Monica Ramstad, Paula Cushing, Brenna Treanor, Susan Otey, and Jo Pike.

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