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Housing Task Force Insights: Affordable Housing in Golden Will NOT Lower Your Property Value

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Affordable housing near you has little or no effect on home values.  From many reports, including one here, people have looked at the effect that affordable housing has on home values.  There is a misconception that they lower home values.  There is no data to support this. The data from the above article shows that values either stay the same, or in the case of Denver, actually increase. Historically, when white flight occurred in some cities, the home values went up, not down, because Blacks who moved in were forced to pay more for homes in areas with restrictive covenants (Source:  Caucasians Only: The Supreme Court, The NAACP, And The Restrictive Covenant Cases.)

The Flats on Ford is coming in early 2022. Built by the Foothills Regional Housing Authority and spanning 24th from Ford to Jackson, there will be a mix of 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments with a townhome look coming to Golden.  These will be income-restricted and priority will be given to workers and residents of Golden.  Later in 2021, there should be an application open for people who'd like to get in.  Keep your eyes on this blog to see if we've posted about it.

The city of Golden is trying to move on affordable housing issues, but needs your help.  Weigh in on the Guiding Golden Heart of Golden 2020 project.  While this is mostly about civic uses and building along the creek, there is an opportunity for you to give ideas, including Affordable and Workforce Housing on the East end near 311 10th Street.  See this page on Guiding Golden and add your thoughts.

If you're interested, see this page from the city for more information about affordable housing goals and history.  

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