• Annie Albrecht

Healthy Beverages for Healthy Kids

Join the movement for healthy kids. Golden Healthy Kids' Meals is a city ordinance that will make our children healthier, make parents able to choose the items they want for their children, and make Golden a health leader.

What would change? The ordinance would require restaurants to offer healthy default drink options with kids' meals. Instead of a soda or other sugary drinks, restaurants would offer alternatives without added sugar such as milk, water, or sparkling water. What if my kid still wants a soda? Parents would still be able to purchase sugary drinks for their children and restaurants could still serve sugary beverages to children. This ordinance only affects the default beverage. How can I learn more?

Resources (click to view):

I'm an adult. How can I support this initiative?

Join the Coalition for Healthy Kids. The Coalition meets monthly on the third Wednesday. Complete this interest survey to join.

I'm a kid (or know a kid) and I want to help. What can I do?

Join the Youth Coalition for Healthy Kids.

I still have questions.

Learn more on the JeffCo Public Health site or:

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