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  • Erin Madison

Golden Business Spotlight: La Chic Thrift and Vintage

By Erin Madison

Photos by Povy Kendal Atchison

Michele Stearns has a passion for vintage clothes.

“I think it’s kind of couture for working-class people,” Michele said. “There’s only one of each item, so you know no one else will have it.”

In 2006, Michele opened La Chic Thrift and Vintage on South Golden Road. Michele moved to Colorado in the 90s from California, wanting a safer place to raise her kids. She was seven months pregnant at the time and had never seen snow before.

“We have no regrets,” Michele said. “Raising our kids here was the best decision.”

Opening La Chic Thrift and Vintage was also a great decision. The store offers everything from fancy dresses to fur coats to a $5 sales rack. Business had been good until Covid hit.

“A vintage store relies on a lot of events,” Michele said.

Many customers shop at her store for outfits for weddings, parties, proms, and galas.

“Covid has been rough,” Michele said. “I’m not going to sugar coat it.”

Michele has made adjustments to adapt as best she can to the pandemic. She offers shopping by appointment, so customers have the option to have the store all to themselves.

“It’s a small store, so we want to keep everyone safe at a distance,” she said.

She also takes requests for items that she doesn’t already have in stock.

“The one thing some people don’t know is I really do enjoy the hunt,” Michele said. “If someone is looking for something specific, I will go out there and find it for them.”

Eventually, parties, proms, and weddings will be back on. Now is the time to support La Chic Thrift and Vintage to make sure Michele’s business will still be around then.

Consider Paying it Forward to La Chic Thrift and Vintage:

  • Shop at the store, located at 16948 South Golden Rd., Ste. D

  • Purchase a gift certificate. Gift certificates can be purchased in person with cash, check, or credit card, or by mailing a check to: 16948 South Golden Rd., Ste. D Golden, CO 80401

  • Make a monetary donation to the business

  • Donate clothes, purses, jewelry, or other items to La Chic

  • Follow La Chic Thrift and Vintage on Facebook ( and Instagram (@lachicgolden), liking their posts and posting positive comments

  • Write a five-star review on Facebook or Google

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