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  • Erin Madison

Golden Business Spotlight: Carleen of Golden

By Erin Madison

Photos by Povy Kendal Atchison

Janney Collins estimates business at her alteration and tailoring shop, Carleen of Golden, is down about a third since COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Most of that is because the prom and wedding seasons last year weren’t anything like they usually are.

“In 2019, we had over 100 prom dresses,” Janney said. “In 2020, we had like five.”

Carleen of Golden does alterations and repairs of all kinds, whether it’s on leather, denim, wedding dresses or luggage. She also does some custom leatherwork. While business has slowed substantially, Janney is somehow making ends meet.

“I’m fortunate we have been busy enough to keep the doors open, the bills paid,” Janney said.

Janney has owned Carleen of Golden since 2000. She’s worked there since 1981. Janney has two employees who have worked with her for 35 years and 15 years. Right now, Carleen isn’t busy enough to keep all three of them working. Janney’s biggest goal is to get her employees back to work.

Janney has sewed since she was a kid, and she loves that she’s been able to make a career out of something she enjoys.

“This year, I will have been here 40 years, and I can’t even believe it,” she said.

Consider Paying it Forward to Carleen of Golden by:

  • Bringing in your clothes, luggage, bags and other items to be altered or repaired. Janney suggests shopping in your own wardrobe. What do you have hanging in your closet that just needs to be taken in, let out or mended?

  • Purchasing a gift certificate to use later. Carleen’s of Golden accepts checks or cash.

  • Writing a five-star review on Google.

Carleen of Golden

15750 S. Golden Road, Unit E


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