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  • Erin Madison

Golden Business Spotlight: Bumps & Bundles Maternity & Kids Consignment

By Erin Madison

Photos by Povy Kendal Atchison

Bumps & Bundles Maternity & Kids Consignment offers an experience that’s getting harder and harder to find – the chance for pregnant women to try on maternity clothes in person.

“It’s all online now,” said owner Autumn Shea.

Women often come into Bumps & Bundles feeling frumpy and frustrated that their clothes don’t fit. By the time they walk out of the store, they love their body again.

“You can’t get that online,” said Autumn, who opened Bumps & Bundles in 2011.

The idea for the store just came to her one day. About six months later, the consignment store was open.

Bumps & Bundles sells gently used toys, gear, maternity clothes, and kids’ apparel from newborn to size 7. Autumn recently added new maternity clothes to the store as well.

Golden is the only place Autumn would want to run her business. The customers in Golden are loyal, honest, and friendly.

Even before the pandemic started, Autumn was concerned about the increase in online shopping, and now even more so.

“I just think as a whole, we need to start focusing on shops like mine,” she said.

Consider Paying it Forward to Bumps & Bundles Maternity & Consignment by:

Bumps & Bundles Maternity & Consignment

2600 East St


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