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Engaging Manufactured Housing Communities in Jeffco

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Know Your Rights training and information about new statewide laws and the complaint process for mobile home parks are available in Jeffco.

Together Colorado is engaging and informing residents in several manufactured housing communities in Jefferson County about new statewide laws that provide protections for residents of mobile home parks. This work is made possible by a 2-year grant from Community First Foundation. In addition to Together Colorado, the main partners in this work are 9to5 Colorado and the Colorado Coalition of Manufactured Home Owners (CoCoMHO). Golden United is partnering with this alliance for the manufactured housing communities in and near Golden.

Manufactured housing is the largest unsubsidized source of affordable housing and provides homes to seniors on fixed incomes, immigrants, low-income families, people with disabilities, veterans, and others in need of low-cost housing. Keeping residents in their homes and preserving existing affordable housing are important aspects of housing concerns in Jeffco. We welcome any additional partners in this work.

The information below is an overview of some of the material that will be distributed to several Jeffco manufactured housing communities. In addition, Know Your Rights training will be conducted for several communities to help empower manufactured housing residents to advocate for their rights as home owners and tenants.

Interested in learning more or assisting with these efforts? Please fill out the contact form at

Background Information

Over the past couple of years, the state legislature has updated laws that regulate mobile home parks (MHPs).

Mobile Home Park Act (MHPA), circa 1985, which

  • Provides protections under the law for mobile home residents, but has historically had minimal enforcement

In 2018 the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) performed a Sunrise Review of Manufactured Housing Community Owners and Managers, which

  • Concludes that, "Clearly, harm is occurring in manufactured housing communities…The harm largely stems from the lack of enforcement of existing laws, bad actors exploiting a relatively loose regulatory structure, and the inevitable tension that arises when the house belongs to one person but the land beneath it belongs to someone else.”

  • States that, ”Conditions for owners of manufactured homes could be improved by increasing community engagement within the communities, including the forming of homeowners associations and cooperatives; educating homeowners about their rights and encouraging them to challenge community owners when appropriate or file complaints with the proper authority…”

In 2019 the state legislature passed the Mobile Home Park Oversight Act, which

Provides a mechanism to submit complaints

Began taking complaints on May 1, 2020

  • Grants counties and municipalities home rule rights to proactively enact ordinances and standards related to manufactured housing communities within their jurisdictions

  • Extends the time to move or sell a mobile home after eviction proceedings

In 2020 the state legislature passed the Mobile Home Park Act Updates bill, which

o Defines “retaliation” and prohibits its use against a home owner

o Requires transparency and equity in water billing

o Protects home owners from arbitrary or unfair evictions

o Requires maintenance and repair of the park, operable utilities, and compensation to displaced homeowners when these requirements are not met

o Increases homeowner rights to privacy

o Prohibits unfair park rules from being imposed on homeowners

In 2020 the state legislature passed the Opportunity to Purchase bill, which

o Requires landlords to provide 90 days’ notice to residents if a park is for sale or if they intend to redevelop it, so that residents know they can make an offer and have enough time to organize, get financing and wider community support, to make an offer

o Requires landlords to engage in good faith to consider the offer

Ongoing work by the Mobile Home Park Oversight Program (MHPOP)

o Mobile home park registration

o Guidance on new leases (“home owners are not required to sign lease renewals or new leases after their initial lease term ends, or at any other point during their tenancy”)

o Stakeholder engagement (includes training opportunities and rulemaking hearings)

o Rulemaking (Rules that became effective in November 2020)

o Annual home owner notices

Includes: Lists of home owner rights and responsibilities

Eviction information (“A landlord can only end a mobile home owner’s lease for specific reasons, which are listed in the Mobile Home Park Act. If you receive a “Summons and Complaint” telling you to file an answer or appear in court, you should respond/appear; if you do not, you will lose the eviction case by “default.”)

Complaint filing information (“Mobile home owners and landlords may file complaints with the Division of Housing for violations of the Act or Program. The Division will investigate the alleged violation(s) and all parties must cooperate with the investigation. If the parties cannot reach an agreement, the Division may impose monetary penalties or require parties to take action to resolve past or current violations.

Contact the Mobile Home Park Oversight Program at:

Email: (preferred) or 1-833-924-1147 (toll free) or visit

The Colorado Division of Housing invites you to join their email list by sending an email request to

For more information about work at Jeffco manufactured housing communities, please fill out the contact form at:

Home Owners, sign up for email updates from the Colorado Coalition of Manufactured Home Owners (CoCoMHO) at

CoCoMHO will soon be hosting webpages specifically for Jeffco residents at

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