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  • Annie Albrecht

Act Locally Golden Awards Golden United 2021 Sponsorship

Every year for the past three years, Act Locally Golden has sponsored a local nonprofit making an impact in Golden. We are incredibly honored and humbled to announce that that Golden United has been awarded the 2021 sponsorship. Thank you to Act Locally Golden and all those that voted for Golden United!

Act Locally Golden's Valentine's Day Fundraiser for Golden United

In addition to their generous sponsorship, Act Locally Golden has partnered with Betsy's Blossoms for a Valentine's Day fundraiser benefitting Golden United. Consider taking part in this fun and festive fundraiser!

Valentine's Day Fundraiser Purchase a special Valentine's Day gift box for your sweetheart, family members, teachers, friends and/or neighbors. Sponsored by Betsy Brooks of Betsy's Blossoms. There are three size options and Betsy will donate $1 for every $10 spent to Golden United.

  • Choice 1: $30: Includes 6 roses, a small box of chocolates, and a votive candle in a decorative container.

  • Choice 2: $50: Includes 10 roses, a medium-size box of chocolates, and a candle in a decorative container.

  • Choice 3: $100: Includes 18 roses, a large box of chocolates, and a candle in a decorative container.

To Order: Text Betsy at 303-349-6984. If you are unable to text, please phone in your order to that same number. Orders must be received by February 7, 2021. To Pick Up: The arrangement(s) can be picked up Saturday, February 13th at Betsy's Blossoms (near 14th Ave and Quaker St in Golden) between 2:00 - 5:00 pm. Contact Betsy at 303-349-6984 if other pick up arrangements need to be made. Learn More: Learn more about Act Locally Golden and join the local giving circle at

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