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A Letter from GU Founder and Board President, Ron Benioff

It is heartwarming to see how so many people and wonderful organizations in the community have stepped up to support individuals and businesses hurt by the pandemic and economic downturn. Golden United is keen to build on this spirit of cooperation by contributing to sustained recovery and maintenance of this dynamic and compassionate community.  We are considering a variety of activities in this regard to conduct this fall and winter. 

The Golden United Housing Task Force will continue its work on protecting and expanding access to affordable housing consistent with Golden’s character.  We also are starting to plan our Annual Flavors of Golden celebration of organizations in the community.  In addition, we are exploring additional activities such as promoting local shopping and support for Golden businesses, community dialogues on pathways for revitalization of the Golden community as we emerge from this pandemic, strengthened cooperation with the School of Mines on protection of key community assets, collaboration with the Golden Anti-Racism Collective, the city, and others on anti-racism and social inclusion, and a variety of other activities. We are keen to receive your feedback on priority topics and activities for Golden United and encourage you to complete this survey and/or to send suggestions to

We are also pleased to announce that Golden United is now incorporated as a 501(c)3 and has formed a new Board of DirectorsWe are also excited to have a new launched a new website (add link). Along with elaborated information on our activities, events, resources, and collaboration with others, it also offers the opportunity to donate (add link) to Golden United to support our growing portfolio of activities to deepen understanding and work together on common interest actions across the community.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to directly to me ( with any suggestions, questions, or concerns.  We look forward to continuing our work together. 

Ron Benioff

President, Golden United Board of Directors

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